Smart Phone repairing


What is smartphone repairing?

  • Whenever the smart phone went wrong / not working properly, we need a service to restore the mobile phone back to working condition.
  • Also, the damages we caused to smartphone / mobile phone due to mishandling (like dropping on the floor / water / liquid spill) needs a service.
  • The process of repairing the hardware / software to make the mobile working properly is termed as smartphone repairing.
  • It is also termed as mobile phone servicing / smart phone servicing.

What is mobile software?

  • Software is nothing but set of rules or a program to instruct, what the hardware to do.
  • The term Mobile software means, it is a set of instructions which will control the hardware components of a smartphone / mobile phone, to perform the desired tasks based on the inputs.  

What are the types of mobile software?

  • There are two types of mobile software
  1. System software
  2. Application software

What is system software?

  • It is also a set of rules or instructions to the hardware also, it allow the other software programs to run.
  • In simple words system software is also known as Operating System (OS).

What are the popular mobile operating systems (OS)?

  • Android OS
  • iOS
  • Windows OS
  • Blackberry OS
  • Symbian OS (ruled out)
  • Bada OS (ruled out)

What is application software?

  • The application software (popularly known as apps) is a program which helps the user to perform a particular task. Like Calculator, Messengers, Video Players, Etc.,

How to fix the issues in application software?

  • Once the program is corrupted or deleted improperly, it will start raising the issues. This can be fixed by ourselves just by uninstalling the app and installing it again properly.
  • If, the problem is made by the end user, the bugs in the program will be fixed by the developer or software company and they will release the update. The issues will be fixed through that update.

How to fix the system software issue?

If the system software gets corrupted it will not work properly. It will raise lot of issues.

  • This can be fixed in 3 methods
  • Method 1: (Factory Reset)
  • Method 2 : (Hard Reset)
  • Method 3 : (Flashing)


What is factory reset?

  • When your smartphone / mobile phone is not working properly due to some corrupted programs / infected through any malware/ virus, then this method of factory reset will help to restore the mobile phone as it is at the time of purchase.
  • This will erase all the user data and settings.
  • So before doing this backup your data and reset.

What is hard reset?

  • If you can’t even open the settings in smartphone / mobile phone, this hard reset will help you to restore your mobile phone / smartphone.
  • This will also erase all the user data and settings.
  • So before doing this backup your data and reset.

What if flashing ?

  • Flashing a mobile is nothing but changing the operating system.
  • This can be upgraded from lower version to higher version.
  • Also downgraded from higher version to a lower version.
  • This flashing a smartphone/ mobile phone can be done through the software program termed as flashing tool, a flash file (OS file) and a PC.
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