Different Types of Meters in Electronics


What is a meter?
Meter is an test tool used to measure the reading of certain device or circuit relative to its values and standard. It is a conventional diagnostic device which converts the functions to numerical vaue in addition to its standard system (SI units).

What are the major meters we use in electronics?
Ohm meter.
Capacitance meter.
Secure meter.
Distortion meter.
Regularity counter.
LCR meter.
Transistor tester.
Watt meter.

What is voltmeter?
A voltmeter is an instrument used for measuring electric potential difference between two points in an electric circuit. It is connected in parallel. It usually has a high resistance.

What is Ammeter?
An ammeter is an instrument used to measure the current in a circuit. Electric currents are measured in Amperes, for this reason it is named as ammeter. The ammeter is usually connected in series with the circuit in which the present is to be measured.

What is Ohm meter?
An ohmmeter is an electrical instrument that measures electric resistance. An ohmmeter applies current to the circuit or component to measure the resulting voltage and also determines the resistance worth using ohms law.

What is capacitance meter?
A capacitance meter is a device used to measure capacitance, generally of distinct capacitors.

What is clamp meter?
In electric as well as digital design, a present clamp, likewise called existing probe, is an electrical gadget with jaws which open to permit clamping around an electrical conductor.

What is distortion mater?
A distortion meter is a kind of digital test tools utilized to figure out specific frequencies that trigger distortion in electronic tools. The gadget is mainly used in audio related equipment.

What is frequency counter?
A regularity counter is an electronic instrument, or part of one, that is utilized for measuring frequency. Regularity counters typically measure the number of cycles of oscillation, or pulses per secondly in a regular electronic signal.
What is LCR meter?
An LCR meter is a kind of electronic test devices utilized to determine the inductance, capacitance, as well as resistance of a digital part. In the less complex versions of this instrument the resistance was measured internally and converted for screen to the corresponding capacitance or inductance worth.
What is oscilloscope?
An oscilloscope, formerly called an oscillograph, and also informally referred to as a scope or o-scope, CRO, or DSO, is a kind of digital test tool that graphically shows differing signal voltages, normally as a calibrated two-dimensional story of several signals as a function of time.
What is transistor tester?
Transistor testers are tools for checking the electrical actions of transistors and solid-state diodes.
What is wattmeter?
The wattmeter is an instrument for gauging the electrical energetic power in watts of any kind of given circuit. Electro-magnetic wattmeters are made use of for measurement of utility frequency as well as audio frequency power; other types are required for superhigh frequency dimensions.

What is multimeter?
A multimeter is a measuring tool that can determine several electric homes. A common multimeter can determine voltage, resistance, as well as present, in which situation it is also known as a volt-ohm-milliammeter. Analog multimeters make use of a microammeter with a relocating reminder to present readings, where electronic multimeters use electronic values.

  • When using a mobile phone it will dissipate Overheating.
  • Due to background, hidden apps and virus battery will be utilized more .so Large power consumption will happen.
  • When the phone is affected by virus Non-stop popup notifications will come.
  • Hanging /freezing
  • Auto-restart
  • A mobile phone will show frequently Reboot mode that is also a software problem.
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  • Apps not downloading
  • Apps not opening
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  • Wi-Fi, GPS not enabling
  • NFC not enabling
  • Hot spot not enabling
  • Sensor not enabling
  • Buttons not responding
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